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The WAAC Newsletter (ISSN 1052-0066) is published three times per year, in January, May, and September; each issue is usually 24 to 32 pages long. The newsletter contains regional news, feature articles, a technical exchange column, conference reviews, positions available, articles you may have missed, and WAAC notices and information.


All back issues of the WAAC Newsletter through Vol. 42, number 3, are now available online.  It is WAAC policy to wait for 1 year after publication to post an issue online, in deference to those who actually pay for the Newsletter.


Starting with volume 25 (2003), the Newsletter is presented in PDF, and you can read either individual articles and columns, or the entire issue as in the printed version.


Feature articles are best read as spreads, for illustration placement, etc., however they are posted as single pages so that they can be printed easily.

Submission ideas or Questions for the Editor?  CLICK HERE. 

To Search the Newsletter Archive: CLICK HERE.

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Current Issue

January 2022

 Volume 44 Number 1

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