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Volume 36, Number 3

September  2014



Table of Contents


President’s Letter

Katherine Holbrow




Introduction and Timeline

Carolyn Talent


Layer by Layer: 3D Printed Art Objects in LACMA's Collections

Charlotte Eng


Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. About Materials in 3D Printing

Denise Madsack


In Progress: 3D Laser Scanning and Reproduction of Taliesin's Flower in the Crannied Wall

Nicole Grabow


3D Printer Technology and Violin Making Tradition: an Outlook on Potential Applications and Open Questions

T. Rovetta, C. Invernizzi, M. Licchelli, M. Zilioli, F. Cacciatori, and M. Malagodi


3D Printing at The British Geological Survey

Simon Harris


3D Printing a Cheetah: Integrating Photogrammetry, CT Scan Segmentation, 3D Modeling, and 3D Printing with Traditional Model Building

JP Brown


When Rapid Prototyping Meets Electrochemistry: The PLECO, an Electrolytic Pencil for the Localised Cleaning of Tarnished Silver & Gilded Silver

Romain Jeanneret, Gaeten Bussy, Christian Degrigny, Carole Baudin, and Helene Carrel

Glossary of 3D Printing Terms



Regional News


Articles You May Have Missed



Entire Issue



WAAC Newsletter
(ISSN 1052-0066)

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