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    WAAC, the Western Association for Art Conservation, is a nonprofit membership organization for professional conservators. WAAC was founded in 1975 to bring together conservators practicing in the western United States to exchange ideas, information and news.      

    Although WAAC is specifically a regional organization for the western states including Alaska and Hawaii, any individual or institution may become a member regardless of location or national boundary.



2024 Annual Meeting (1).jpg

October 7-9, 2024
Los Angeles, CA

WAAC Newsletter

Volume 44, No. 1

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January 2022

DISCLAIMER: The Western Association for Art Conservation does not recommend particular individuals, businesses, treatments, products, or services. The WAAC Newsletter and WAAC Web site are simply vehicles for the presentation of information from various sources. Publication of articles or reports in the WAAC Newsletter or content in the WAAC Web site should not be construed as an endorsement of their content by WAAC. Opinions expressed in articles published in the WAAC Newsletter and the WAAC Web site are those of the authors.

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