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Join WAAC or renew your membership online

The WAAC 2019 Membership Application/Renewal Form is now available online.

The form can be filled-out in your web browser. If you wish to pay by check, you can print the form and mail it, along with your check, as always. If you wish to pay by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) you will be taken to USAePay's secure site where you can submit your credit card payment. We will no longer be accepting credit card payments on the paper forms, either faxed or mailed in, as it's not sufficiently secure to meet compliance rules.

2019 Annual Meeting

The Getty Center
Los Angeles, California

6 - 8 November 2019

After an eleven-year hiatus, the WAAC Annual Meeting returns to Los Angeles! Since that time there have been many notable cultural additions to the city such as The Broad, The Wende Museum, The Marciano Art Foundation, Hauser & Wirth to name a few. There is even a new metro line that goes from the beach to downtown! So, besides the great presentations and friendly faces you'll see at the meeting, it's also a great time to discover LA again.
The call for papers and meeting details will come in the new year, so check back here for updates. We are excited to welcome you to the City of Angels in 2019!

WAAC Newsletter

All back issues of the WAAC Newsletter through Vol. 34, number 3, are now available online and we have now returned to the policy of waiting 6 months after publication to post an issue online, in deference to those who actually pay for the Newsletter.

Starting with volume 25 (2003), the Newsletter is presented in PDF, and you can read either individual articles and columns, or the entire issue as in the printed version.

Feature articles are best read as spreads, for illustration placement, etc., however they are posted as single pages so that they can be printed easily.)

Hard copies are still available

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