2021 Virtual Gathering


WAAC 2021 Virtual Gathering

November 4-6, 2021

A big thank you goes out to all our presenters, moderators and hosts for making this years virtual gathering a huge success.  

Thank you as well to the attendee's!   And please, if you are/were not a WAAC member, please consider joining today - JOIN.


Day One: November 4th, 12 - 3pm PST

Newsletter reflection: Disaster Response Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Read the Article

Steven Pine

Solving Problems in the Display and Transit of Paintings Requires Teamwork

Eric Dixon, Chris Hollishwander and Jia-sun Tsang

Playing It by Ear: Piano Roll Preservation in the Stanford Piano Roll Program

Jill Sison and Elizabeth Ryan


Community-based Conservation: Launching the Utah Collections Preservation Program

Marie Desrochers

Treatment of a Baleen Sled: In Search of a Consolidant Befitting Baleen

Céline Wachsmuth and Sarah Owens

Day Two: November 5th, 12 - 3pm PST

Conservation Imaging Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems

James Craven

The Iraqi Institute for Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage: Recovery Work at Nimrud and the Mosul Museum

Kent Severson


Art + Science + Magic: Iron Age chariot burial declared treasure in part due to XRF metallurgical analysis.

Katya Madrid


Wax Miniature Sculpture: From Chloroform to the Modular Cleaning Program

Nicole Passerotti

Material Investigation, Object Histories, and the Wellcome Collection at the Fowler Museum

Marci J. Burton, Carlee S. Forbes, Erica P. Jones and Christian de Brer

Day Three: November 6th, 12 - 3pm PST



Technical study of ten prints from the Rifkind Collection and Latin American collection in the exhibition “Pressing Politics.”

Madison Brockman


Art at the boundaries: Conservation of a 1930s black silk velvet portrait of Duke Kahanamoku

Netanya Schiff and Blanka Kielb

Zooming the MCP

Chris Stravroudis and Nina Roth-Wells


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